Right reason

In response to the article “Not all altruistic” (MetroPlus October 14),while we are all attention seekers, and uploading content to the internet is one of the popular methods to gain attention. But how about the others? What is the true attraction of a teaching job? Why do writers write? Why do musicians perform? Do they just play their music, grab the money and leave? Why do public speakers speak in public? Is it just for the betterment of the society or also for the personal glory? How about politicians? It would be unfair to say that they are just after the money, and the limelight means nothing to them! Well, I believe that we seek a little attention in everything we do, and it is not a bad thing. And compared to all the people mentioned above, people who upload useful content to the internet are a tad more altruistic and disinterested, and most of them do choose to stay anonymous!

Anand P.G.
(by e-mail)