Messaging has become instant now

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INSTANT CHAT Messaging is the new fad
INSTANT CHAT Messaging is the new fad

The online community is never offline in this advanced world

Communication cannot get more instant. Log in to instant chat and you know what your pals are doing or thinking, thanks to their status messages. No need to reply. What's on your mind just put it as a message. "Love Steve Irvin" is the message that a Hyderabadi in Singapore has on her chat within hours of demise of the crickey croc spotter. A quirky `Faded innocence' is the message of Gayatri. `The more you can dream, the more you can do', is the optimistic message of Usha Muduganti who has recently switched jobs. `Immersed in the Great Indian Novel,' is the message that Ajitha has chat with her and she says: "Now we really live in a networked world. I am never out of touch with my husband. Not even for a moment. The funny part is, status messages that you type is dated. You can even set the song you are listening to as a status message. So both me and husband know what we are up to. Instantly."`It is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings,' is Preethi message. She's the one who keeps changing her status messages every few minutes, isn't it distracting? "No. On the other hand, it keeps me motivated and in good cheer. The status messaging is like brainwaves that people can read. Isn't that great?" she asks rhetorically.This instant revolution is not limited to communicating or chatting but is now morphing into workspace as well. If `In a meeting', status message tells something about what's happening, the online file collaboration takes work to the next level.





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