The atrium of Milan’em Mall turned into a cultural arena this past weekend with magic show, music and dance programmes filling up the space. The occasion was the third anniversary celebration of the mall.

People crowded the colorfully decorated atrium, the stairs and other floors as well to catch a glimpse of the variety show that included classical and western dance, singing and mimicry. The event not only saw active participation of college and school students but it also spontaneously drew members from the audience to the ring and do a jig or sing. The fun-filled mimicry and mystifying magic tricks evoked laughter and cheer and for some moments during the evening peak hours, shopping came to a standstill inside the mall. Many visitors to the mall said the show was entertaining. For some it was a pleasant surprise. But everybody returned with a feel-good factor.

The highlight of the three day event was the inter-college dance championship organised by “Horizon’s”, an institute of career excellence. Aimed at building the confidence levels of dancers, the contest ushered in a positive atmosphere and brought out thehidden talents of young performers from Southern districts who otherwise don’t get many opportunities to showcase their talent. In all 25 colleges participated for the preliminary round, of which 12 were selected for the final round to be held on November 4.