If you are an ardent foodie 100 Ft Boutique and Restaurant is the place to be

Lazy Sunday brunches, far removed from the sophisticated cacophony of the city, with authentic Mediterranean food — what’s not to like? Well, if you thought that was only attainable when you’re vacationing in Morocco, think again. 100 Ft Boutique and Restaurant, on 100 ft Road Indiranagar, has launched a whole new menu and revamped its dining experience. And that spells good news for us devoted foodies, who love our weekends.

The Sunday brunch experience at 100 Ft Boutique and Restaurant is impressively spot-on with the atmosphere, and first impressions. There are three different ambiences within the restaurant, and we chose to sit in the courtyard, under the canopy. The aura is one of a laid-back lounge, with the bustling traffic outside seemingly far removed and the world inside being blissfully leisurely, including some great live music — perfect for meetings with friends and family.

Coming to the ceremony of dining, the spread is absolutely mind-blowing, and just doesn’t seem to end! The hands-down favourite there is the cushiony pita bread and their drool-worthy hummus, which rolls on the palate. Add to that the chicken kibbeh with garlic mayonnaise, and just about everything from the live grills counter, and you’ve got yourself a happy platter of must-haves.

The main course is another gratifying journey of the palate through the Mediterranean countries. The mustard fish does complete justice to being reckoned their signature dish, with the scrumptious fish and the velvety sauce coming together like a lilting melody on the tongue. The penne primavera is also something to look out for, with its smooth, comforting flavour. And for lovers of seafood, the seafood ratatouille is simply divine, with its piquant, earthy tones. Accompanying this are the beverages, and their fruit punches are perfectly balanced, with fresh, fruity tones.

Desserts here are a seraphic homage to the sweet tooth — while their buffet spread is an incredible plethora of textures and flavours, their a la carte options are simply mind-blowing. The buffet spread features numerous fruity enchantments, including the fresh fruit gateaux and raspberry mascarpone. The 100 Ft Boutique and Restaurant clearly takes pride in their fresh fruit, and even something as simple as their fresh cut fruit with honey is terrific. But don’t rule out the chocolate — the chocolate banoffee pie, a signature dessert, is a majestic slice of layered happiness, with the perfect harmony of chocolate, caramel and cream. And the bizarrely velvety chocolate espresso mousse alone would make anyone’s day!

With different ambiences, a boutique and great food, 100 Ft Boutique and Restaurant is the place to be during weekends. And it just about saves you an airplane ticket to Morocco for lunch, offering the next best thing!