Matters of milk and medicine

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CHAT Milk might not be all that we have been brought up to believe, claims author and naturopath N. K. Sharma

Malicious milk?Dr. N. K. Sharma at the book launch in New Delhi
Malicious milk?Dr. N. K. Sharma at the book launch in New Delhi

Breaking away from a common notion is not an easy task. With Milk: A Silent Killer Dr. N. K. Sharma wants the world to know that a glass of milk could turn into a nightmare for you and your loved ones.

Conventional wisdom, passed down over generations, holds that milk is good for health, and the slightly more suspicious claim that it will ensure good scores on the report card. It is a source of calcium but could also be the reason for cancer. Sharma, a well known naturopath, has come up with a revised version of his book Milk, which was published in 1987. “Since my childhood I have been a lover of milk and been a sufferer too. I used to do medicines and yoga and never doubted why my ailing condition was not being cured,” he says.

A large intake of milk over several years can lead to cancer, as the magnesium it contains can get slowly deposited in the body.The doctor also believes that prevention is better than cure and boasts proudly about he has shielded his family from any form of disease. “God has graced us with a healthy mind and body, nobody is born ill. It is we who deplete the condition of our body through our ignorance,” he says.“Disease is not natural, health is natural state of body; medicines should not become a lifestyle and it should be treated as a medicine only.”

But to shatter the common myth that has been here for ages is not an easy task. “We have to become the message. We know what is the right thing to do, we will certainly benefit from it later. We have been brought up to believe milk is good, it is high time for it to change,” he signs off.





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