l Explore your own city. Locate a temple, fort, dargah, park or sanctuary near you and organise a trip there.

l Study a real map, not the hotel’s map, to check the location of your hotel and the places you want to see. Calculate distances and travel time for yourself, accounting for seasonal and regional road conditions. Leave time to enjoy the place, not just reach it.

l Don’t carry and discard disposable bottles and bags in the woods, rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

l Don’t take away or damage plants, insect or shells.

l Don’t feed, taunt or interfere with animals in the wild and don’t blare radios in forests and parks.

l Look for guided walks rather than drives.

l When taking children on a Nature holiday, don’t promise them tigers. Instead, help them discover and enjoy wildlife – squirrels, monkeys, tortoises, frogs, birds, beetles and butterflies – and they’ll never be disappointed.