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Perfect gym The Sports Medicine Centre at Artillery Centre
Perfect gym The Sports Medicine Centre at Artillery Centre

Testing with equipment can make or mar a career

If Hyderabad’s majestic Golconda Fort is a monument to the glorious past, lying at its feet is proof of an equally illustrious present. Housed in the Artillery Centre is the Human Performance Lab, second only to Pune’s Army Sports Institute (ASI), for the sheer magnitude of its expertise that would be the cynosure of behind-the-scenes action during the forthcoming Military World Games here.

“Every immediate, short or long term need of the sportsman is taken care of here,” says Lt. Col. Dr. C.P.S. Chauhan, the officer commanding the Sports Medicine Centre, and a national level shooter. The amazing array of equipment is enough to bolster the confidence of any visiting sportsperson.

For starters, the Metamax 3B breath analyser measures oxygen and aerobic capacities of an individual. The Lactate analyser checks the body’s lactate levels. A low level is no cause for concern, indicating instead that the person is suited for long distance running. The Spirometer monitors lung functioning. Chauhan recalls P.T. Usha and Sriram Singh running this check to detect prevalence of obstructive lung diseases.

The Grip Dynamo Meter gauges the strength of individuals, going by their grip. The Powerjog judges the aerobic capacity of runners, while the Cycle Ergometer ascertains anaerobic levels. The Digital Steadiness Tester sizes up shooters and archers for the firmness of their hands.

The centre can cope with almost any type of sports injury with the aid of largely imported machines. For instance, the Fysiomed is a little bigger than a palm but tackles tennis elbow effectively.

Mobile combo electro therapy uses interferential and ultrasound treatment for stress fractures and to reduce pain.

The Torc Plus treats four patients afflicted with ham string injuries at a time, with the option of resorting to the Russian or Indian method. The Electric Traction machine banishes backaches and helps strengthen the back.

If mental strength sets apart winners from those otherwise physically equal, the Basin Anticipation Timer assesses arousal levels and reaction abilities. The Mirror Tracking Apparatus studies hand-eye coordination, quite handy for almost every sportsperson. So also do carefully charted diet and physical training regimens keep sportspersons ship-shape to resist injury and thereby defeat.





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