Masti at the lawns

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What's to love: This bunch of confident, aspiring and merry making students can be easily spotted at the lawn whenever they want to just relax and unwind, soak in their thoughts or download information to one another about their day. They find this place convenient as well as pleasing given its green surrounding. Surely, it acts like a balm when compared to simply spending time in the class room and labs.

They cheerily rattle about their faculty whom they proclaim as great buddies and mentors. In a lighter vein, they explain that their ID cards are mandatory and they have penned lyrics and turned tunesmith to explain this.

They chorus, “ID card, ID card

Where is your ID card?

Satta pottiyaa? Illa Sir...

Pant pottiyaa? Illa Sir

Seri adhalam irrukatum

ID card, enga”

But they quickly add that college rules and regulations inculcate discipline in all spheres and at the end they come out as committed and balanced individuals.

At times, they huddle to discuss how to evade seminars and group discussions on some days, or complete their assignments in the last minute. On the other hand, they also love to arrange symposiums or attend competitions and other cultural festivals.

They fight amongst themselves about who would not take the front row in the class during guest lectures as the spot light would be on them or when the boys stealthily gobble the lunch from the girls' tiffin boxes! But, they assert with pride that they are united by true concern and care for one another and can never be divided.

Mervyn Jude Sylvester, Deepak and Rajalingam and Abirshana, all students of II M.B.A sing in unison: “These days, seniors are railed by the juniors unlike days of yore!” To which, pat comes the reply from their juniors, Renuka and Veena of I.M.B.A: “We thoroughly enjoy these sessions and why do we need to be scared of our seniors?”

Right now, they seem to be busy making plans about celebrating New Year eve. Each one comes up with their suggestions of dancing on the roads, quiet dinner or bursting crackers. Whatever the decision they make, this bunch is sure to have loads of masti together.

What's not to: Oh boy, it is got to be examinations!

Alternatives: They also hang out at canteen hogging hot and crispy Gobi-65 and samosas and catch up on all the delightful gossip.




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