Ashwani Lohani, former CMD, ITDC is back with another book, "Winning At Work Against All Odds," published by Wisdom Tree. It was released at a glittering function in New Delhi the other day. The book talks about the author's successful struggle against the system and enlightens the reader with some effective management mantras. "It is about my experiences in railways, ITDC, and it talks about tourism in detail," reveals Lohani, adding he had to work on the book for a year. Lohani talks a lot about deliverance in his book. He says, "Deliverance is the critical issue, everything else is secondary. For nations that are still on the road, and on the verge of development, the foremost priority has to be deliverance." V.N.Mathur stated, "This book reveals all, including the inside story of working in the government machinery. He adds, "This is an emotion-packed book, as Lohani has shown great passion for his work."