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CHATline Vijay Padaki has initiated unique projects in the worlds of theatre and management. He talks to SRAVASTI DATTA about his association with both fields

Theatre and management may seem like two divergent professions, yet Vijay Padaki straddles both worlds with ease. “I have worn the two hats of theatre and management all my life, but each influences the other,” Padaki says as we chat on the porch of his old-Bangalore bungalow. Padaki traces his 50-year association with theatre and his path-breaking initiatives in theatre and management. Padaki has been actively involved with Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT), the city’s oldest theatre group. But theatre in the conventional sense of performance and production is not what BLT focuses on. Padaki stresses that it is the only theatre organisation in the country that is not founder-centric. “Most cultural arts foundations are personality driven.”

Since its inception, BLT has had a series of leaders, directors, presidents and secretaries, despite these organisational changes, BLT has always staged quality productions. “ The Ungrateful Man , one of BLT’s greatest productions, was performed thrice, once in the 1960s, once in the late 1970s and once in 2007. It was a success each time, but every time the director has been different, the star actor has been different. That’s continuity. That’s not the case for most theatre groups.”

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