cinema Director Ashwini Dhir says you need to be true to the regional flavour in a remake

Much before corruption became a staple headline, director Ashwini Dhir brought the issue to our living rooms with Office Office . Now when the country is talking about graft, he is offering us Son of Sardaar .

“I haven’t moved on from societal concerns. You could find a social comment in my serials like Lapataganj and Chidiyaghar . Even in Son of Sardaar , I have sneaked in a few sarcastic comments on the state of affairs in my characteristic way. There is not a single line in the film which you will find odd while watching with the family,” he promises.

For a creative person known for his potent original writing, seen in films like Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge , it must have been a tad embarrassing to make a remake of a Telugu superhit. “When Ajay Devgn gave me the CD of Maryada Ramanna , I felt this is not my cup of tea considering I have done original work with him. Besides Atithi ..., I also wrote You Me Aur Hum which Ajay directed.”

Dhir gives the usual ‘emotions are universal’ plea. The point is he ultimately agreed. “The problem with remake begins when you start making karhi chawal the dosa idli way. We have imbibed the spirit of the original and have taken some interesting scenes like the funny train sequence but when you will watch Son of Sardaar you can’t make out that it is a remake of a Telugu film.”

Dhir says the original didn’t rely on a big star, so he had to treat the film differently. “Sanjay Dutt’s character was different in Maryada Ramanna . Juhi Chawla’s character and the romance between the two is my creation.” So is the use of the horses, Dhir goes on. On the ongoing controversy with Yash Raj Films, Dhir remarks, “The situation is like YRF is saying that we will use natural oxygen. If you want to breathe bring oxygen cylinder.”