Some tips and tricks for achieving the perfectly healthy glowing skin with the help of concealer, foundation and highlighter.

The first step is to choose the best light to work with while applying make-up, which is natural in the day and with warm tones for the evenings.

Also, the light angle should not be directly on the face and only the warm glow of light should fall on the face.

Next cleanse your face and apply moisturiser and eye cream for hydration. For covering up dark circles, apply a corrector to brighten and neutralise discoloration under the eyes, then with a concealer brush, starting from the innermost corner of the eye, gently blend with your fingers.

Then layer on a yellow-toned creamy concealer, one shade lighter than your skin tone. For the next part, spot-apply foundation where skin needs to be evened out, using your fingers or a sponge, and then use a foundation brush to blend the foundation.

Also, loose powder should be applied all over the face to mattify it, reported Estetica magazine.