Make your first date work

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Dress well: First impressions matter, whether you believe it or not. So, make sure you are properly attired to impress your man / woman. Jeans with coloured patches and the shirt you washed last August aren’t exactly on that list, unless you’re sure you never want to see that person again

Behave: This technically means, be human. Do not talk real loud, or eat with your mouth open or worse, burp loudly in public. Of course, they say you must be yourself for someone to like you, but they did not mean it literally

Be courteous: Women are a rather difficult species to understand. You must learn to work your way around this mystic creature; it takes practice and a keen eye for feigned appreciation. Point of note, they like compliments and knights in shining armour, even if they say they don’t. So, open the door for her and tell her she looks lovely. A few times!

Develop good taste: Both men and women like their date to be dressed well and have good taste. While girls will scrutinise the kind of clothes men wear, men will try to find out similarities in food. Salads and diet coke will ensure they never call you back while matching a purple shirt with green pants will make the date end even before it begins

All’s well that ends well: The most crucial part of a first date is to end it well. Don’t leave your date on the road and drive away. Offer to drop or walk her home. If she has a car, walk her to it. And girls, if a guy insists (really, really insists) on dropping you home, go for it. Saves you the taxi charge anyway





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