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CHAT Young magician Chirag Agarwal wants to show that every child can reach great heights

Card tricksAre Chirag’s favourites
Card tricksAre Chirag’s favourites

Fifteen year-old magician Chirag Agarwal wanted to do something that set him apart from the crowd and that’s why he chose to pursue magic. “Being different from the crowd has been my dream since childhood. So I thought I’d check out the magic and now I’m totally into it,” says Chirag, a student at the Sindhi High School, Hebbal

And so he contacted his father’s friend, the magician M.C.Sarcar. “He introduced me to magic and took me through the concepts. Magic is the king of arts, it stands on top of all arts. A magician controls the public, the audience is in my hands. If I want them to laugh, they laugh; if I want them to cry they cry,” shares Chirag. He explains that he learnt “innumerable” tricks from his teacher, including the famous saw-the-woman-in-half one.

His favourites are the card tricks. “I love card and rope tricks. I feel cards are my best friend. When I am feeling lonely and bored, I keep fiddling with them.”

Chirag then took his magic forward by performing, for the first time when he was 10. He is now a regular at corporate events and birthday parties.

“While learning magic, I also happened to attend a modelling workshop, since my overall motto was to look different from the crowd. I have walked the ramp for many companies. After that I developed an interest in acting, though I haven’t acted professionally,” he says.

Then he chanced upon an audition for the role of the school bully in The Life of Pi and received an acceptance call six months later. Chirag also continued to act in ad films for consumer products such as glucose, chocolate and wheat flour. But none of it interferes with his academics, he emphasises.

“I’m a good student, and I cope with all my studies. I usually perform only in the evenings and my weekends are fully booked. But school is always my priority.” Though magic ranks first in his list of interests, followed by acting, he has not thought about it as a professional career, he maintains. “I haven’t thought about what I want to do yet, it could be something to do with computers. Magic is just my hobby, a special interest. And I will continue doing as many shows as I can. I feel that a magician can never be perfect, he is always learning,” says Chirag whose greatest magical-influence is Ugesh Sarcar.

The key to being a good magician is practise and confidence, feels Chirag (“You should feel like you are the kind, only then you can rule”). His performances also carry a message. “I want to spread the art and tell people that every child is special. All he requires is support from parents and any child can reach great heights.”





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