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Glamour quotient Maureen Wadia says the Gladrags contest is probably the only unisex competition in the world
Glamour quotient Maureen Wadia says the Gladrags contest is probably the only unisex competition in the world

The Gladrags Mega Model Manhunt contest begins

As the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week approaches, models become the centre of attraction. Even as an airline security guard, a policeman and a farmer join the Gladrags Mega Model Manhunt contest, seasoned professional Maureen Wadia, who knows a thing or two about the modelling and fashion world, has a word of caution for all wannabe models. “A model’s career span is limited to two to three years only, and a model should have a regular job to fall back on”.

According to Maureen, people get swayed by the glamour of modelling. “Endorsements are taken away by the celebrities, and the money is made by them”. Contrary to the prevalent perception, not all models make a killing and only top notch ones stay in the limelight for a good duration of time.

Maureen should know as she was the one who introduced the likes of John Abraham, Aishwarya Rai and Meher Jesia to the contest. .

Talking of Gladrags Manhunt contest, she claims, “Ours is probably the only unisex contest in the world.”

She adds, “I tell youngsters you are blessed with two things, first your parents who gave birth to you, and secondly a good education and health. Good looks are an added feature. To be handsome is not enough. One should have the intelligence to fulfil ones dreams and ambitions.”

A workaholic herself, Maureen works for almost 15 hours a day and prays to get two more hours. According to her, “I like to work with the youngsters and give them a motherly feeling.”

From far and wide

At the contest 50 participants were short listed out of the 2,000 applicants from the North Zone. The models include, students and established professionals from New York to Nagaland and Vancouver to Kashmir.

The selected candidates from all the zones will be trained and groomed personally by Maureen at the Gladrags Modelling and Career Academy in Mumbai. “They are directed beyond their expectations, because most of them don’t know their capabilities,” says Maureen.

After the preliminary rounds the selected candidates will be taken to Mumbai for the All India Finals slated for April 12. She is going to start a similar Academy in Delhi by the end of April 2008, and one in South India too.





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