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FOOD A variety of ways to savour the king of fruits

Mango season is here. There are more than one hundred types of mangoes available all over the world. Ratnagiri, Alphonso, Sammar Bahisht, Fajri, Banganpalli, Sindhri are some of the known varieties. Here are a few recipes using these varieties.

Mango ginger lassi


Mango puree- 1cup

Yogurt- 1 cup

Ginger puree- 1 tbsp

Crushed ice- few


Prepare the ginger puree. For that peel and slice fresh ginger and puree in a food processor with a little water or lemon juice, then freeze in ice cube trays for future use. Make mango puree, peel and scoop out the mango fruit and place in a food processor, blender, or large chopper.

Put mango puree, ginger puree, Yogurt, crushed ice into the blender and mix well. Serve immediately.

Mango mousse


Milk powder- 1 tin

Mango pulp- 1 cup

Sugar- 4 tbsp

Gelatine powder- 1 tbsp

Cold water - quarter cup

Mango jelly - 1packet

Hot water to dissolve jelly- 1 cup

Fresh cream- half cup

Custard powder- 1 tbsp


Dissolve gelatine in cold water. Dissolve jelly in hot water. Put jelly mixture, gelatine, milk powder, sugar, mango puree and custard powder together in a blender. Blend for two minutes. Chill till firm in a freezer for 6-8 hours. Decorate with mangoes.

Chicken breast with mango sauce


Chicken breasts- 2

Mango sauce

Fresh mangoes- 2

Thai sweet chilly sauce- 2 tbsp

Brown sugar- 2 tbsp

Garlic-3 cloves

Chopped coriander- quarter cup

Coconut milk- 4 tbsp

Limejuice- 1 tbsp

Dried crushed red chilli- 1

Turmeric powder- quarter tsp


Discard the skin and scoop the mango. Place the fleshy fruit in a food processor and add the other ingredients of the mango sauce and process well to form a smooth mango sauce. If using skinless chicken breasts score the uppermost side, slicing one eighth to a quarter inch deep, this will allow flavours to reach deeper making the chicken more flavoursome.

Place the prepared chicken in a bowl. Pour half to two-third of the mango sauce overit, stirring well to combine.

Set the rest aside for serving. Marinate the chicken in the mango sauce at least for 10 minutes. Before grilling brush a little oil over your grill to prevent sticking.

As you grill, baste with leftover marinade. Place reserved mango sauce in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until just warm. Serve the grilled chicken together with the sauce over cooked rice.





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