EXERCISE Try these moves for stronger shoulders


Lie face down on a flat bench with the chest and upper body firmly against the pad.

Hold a light dumbbell in each hand, arms close to the body along the sides, with a slight bend in the elbows as shown in the start position.

Bring the dumbbells out in a circular movement towards the front, until they touch gently in front of you.

From this position, reverse the path and return to start position.


Swinging action.

Excessive weights.

Straining the neck, trapezius or lower back.

Locking the elbows.

Muscles targeted

Works the rear head of the deltoids.

Trains the front and side heads of the shoulders too.

Also works some of the smaller muscles of the back and trapezius to some extent.

Who benefits

Sportsmen who use shoulders for pulling, rowing action.

Persons who intend to develop the round look of the shoulder, with more attention on getting the hump-like look on the rear head.