Should music in temples be played so loud, asks S. KOSAL SARANYA

The serenity and melody of devotional songs meant to bring peace is destroyed when it is played through loud speakers in temples. Further, it becomes a cause of noise pollution. Today, every street has a temple using these speakers and it has become commonplace for them to blare music at unbearable decibels. Since every other day is an auspicious one, the speakers are turned on and life becomes difficult for people living in the nearby areas. There is an old saying in Tamil, "Don't live in a place where there is no temple," but that is no longer true thanks to this menace. The speakers are used irrespective of the time or day. It is on at 3 a.m. in the morning or even when examinations are in progress. So loud is the music that it is impossible to attend a phone call or have a normal conversation. Once an elderly neighbour tripped and fell and her cry for help was not heard due to the noise. There is a total disregard for an individual's space and privacy. Home is supposed to be a haven and a place of peace. But this is not so anymore for those who have the misfortune of living close to places of worship that use loud speakers. ( SOUND OFF! is a weekly space for you to rant, applaud or talk about anything on your mind. Write to regarding what you want to speak about, telling us a little about yourself and you may get a chance to sound off!.)