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Exams halls can be quite entertaining.

Myriad emotions:One of the many sights in an exam hall...Photo: R. Ragu
Myriad emotions:One of the many sights in an exam hall...Photo: R. Ragu

Come exam time, and all the lovely classrooms of my school undergo a dark and dangerous metamorphosis into dreary, dungeon-like exam halls. All the colourful posters, maps and charts are ripped down and thrown out along with all the happy, sunny memories.

But exam halls are actually pretty entertaining; at least some of the scenes are. In my decade-long experience of writing exams, I find the universally hated Maths exam the most entertaining.

As the old Internet adage goes: “Eyes turn up for inspiration, down in desperation and sideways for information.” That’s what most of them do.

The less Mathematically-inclined like me usually amuse ourselves by enjoying the antics of our friends. Geeks are in their element. They successfully achieve their life’s purpose by blazing through the three-hour-long paper in half the time and proceed to infuriate the less fortunate ones with their smug, annoying smiles.

Then there are the back-benchers. The “cool-dudes” now do pretty much nothing except re-write the question in the desperate hope of getting “step marks” and try to fathom the purpose of the graph sheet given along with the answer sheet.

By the time we-mini-anthropologists have finished a comprehensive study of the activities of students inside the hallowed examination halls, we arrive at a rather delayed conclusion that there is simply not enough time left to complete the paper.

Ah, well. Nothing much left to do except console ourselves with this rather lovely, lazy quote of Thomas Alva Edison: “My future cannot be decided by one single sheet of paper.”


X A, Jawahar Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School




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