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Actor Raja
Actor Raja

He's hurt and angry, but Raja vows to fight back

The sense of purpose, the usual excitement and the energy in his voice is missing but there is an occasional laugh. Raja has never been like this, he had allowed despair and disappointment to creep into his life easily and he confesses that he had been on the edge last week, tried to end his life. Reason, his newly-released film Inkosariwas being pulled out of the theatres despite an encouraging run. But such an impulsive decision just for a film that didn't do well? Adversity had become his second name ever since he lost his parents in childhood, he'd seen his sister go through tough times and now his favourite aunt who looked after him after his mother's death, succumbed to a terminal disease followed by the death of her son within months.

The pain in his life had made him not bitter but compassionate towards society but his morale has reached an all time low when he came to know that Inkosariproducer had mortgaged his property and put his family in jeopardy. “All this was building inside me, I couldn't handle it, and being vulnerable I almost stepped into the other world, but why talk about it now,” and adds firmly “It's my turn to give back, you can't have your way all the time.”

Inkosariis about a group of friends meeting up at a favourite haunt after seven long years. They reminisce, share jokes, sorrows, analyse relationships and by the end of the film, leave the excess baggage behind and begin life afresh with absolutely no regrets. He cites Richa Pallod's dialogue as the most beautiful one in the film when she says, “Thank God, we aren't regretting the decisions we had taken. I was scared initially wondering how my husband would be but I'm glad that our parents had wished the best for us.” Raja even hints at a career in the Hindi film industry. The world is indeed a big place and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Raja's active campaign during Assembly elections led one to speculate that he's set to enter politics, but he says, “I wasn't doing it for a post, I was using the platform to educate people. I had spoken enough about my life to people, I just wanted them to learn from my experiences. I had spoken about health, education and people's need to involve themselves in the governance. Now there are two ways to look at things, if you'd choose the positive angle…it's good for all of us but if you choose to cast aspersions, ridicule and make erroneous comments, there is little we can do to change the world. Let's not add to the system that is killing good people.”

Raja is spotted at social dos frequently, and he says “I'm an escapist, love to cover my angst.” So when is he getting married? He quips, “I'm giving it a serious thought, if everything falls in place, may be this year.”

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Raja is confident of bouncing back. Knowing him and trusting his talent, it is a safe bet that Raja will be back with a bang, and soon!





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