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Rap and roll DJ ANGELIQUE
Rap and roll DJ ANGELIQUE

She lives ten people's lives in a day! Meet DJ Angelique

There is an incorporeal part in everyone that tries to make sense of existence. In some people, this aspect is so finely developed that they are impelled to seek out diverse experiences in an effort to understand life. DJ Angelique's cryptic words force you to slot her in this group - "I live ten people's lives in a day". Early on, she has had a taste of America's artistic subculture. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Futura 2000 and Ice-T seem to have greatly impacted her creative sensibility. Basquait was charmed by the rough and tumble of street life and this fascination reflected in his work. He began as a graffiti artist in New York and graduated to more serious art. His neo-expressionist paintings earned him greater visibility and he was considered an international artist when untimely death overtook him. When graffiti art had elicited great interest from him, he spent his days among New York's street artists. It was not just art that rubbed off on him. He picked up heroin addiction from those who had made the streets their home. At age 28, enough `poison' had accumulated in his system. In the early years, Angelique was "hanging out a lot in the hip-hop clubs". She developed a liking for rapper Tracy "Ice-T" Marrow who is counted among the crop of rap artists that laid the foundation for the infamous but extremely popular `gangsta rap'. Ice-T has been known for controversies (he is said to have popularised crip walk to a good extent) and voices his political opinions in his music. Just like the two painters (Basquiat and Futura 2000) that Angelique esteems so much as to make an appreciatory mention about them (in her interview at the Leather Bar, The Park, where she played last weekend), Ice-T developed an admiration for people living the rough and adventurous life in ghettos and streets. In his writings and interviews, his words on these men and women border on awe.Just when you are beginning to think you know where Angelique belongs, a quick listing of her other fascinations reminds you of her cryptic confession - "I live ten people's lives in a day". She has been in constant contact with many Indian gurus and yoga experts. She believes she was an Indian in her earlier birth and subscribes to the view that a human being has the responsibility to break the cycle of birth and rebirth. And she is not just a DJ, but a singer with an soulful voice, a songwriter of lines that glorify Nature and a composer. The title track of the Brad Pitt film Kalifornia ("I Love The World"), another title track for a short film Made In Ibiza ("Handstands and Cartwheels") which showcases the architecture and cultural traditions of the Spanish island and a song "Bed of Roses" for the film Reality Bites provides evidence of these three skills. But without any heartache she could choose DJing (her stock-in-trade is house, but she boasts a repertoire that includes "soul, hip-hop, electronica, psychedelia, rock and jazz") to her other musical skills when things did not turn out the way she hoped, in those areas. Midway through the interview, Angelique is restless and complains about the time and the other appointments she has to keep. No offence taken. After all, she lives many lives a day!PRINCE FREDERICK




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