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Life up-close

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POCKET CAMCORDERS The pocket camcorder market may be taking a long walk off a short pier due to the impressive HD video-shooting capabilities of mobiles, but there is hope for the specialists. Most of these shoot 1080p HD video and offer extras that mere phones cannot, from ultra-tough build to 3D…

T his touch pocket cam socks it to milquetoast smartphones by being waterproof to 3m, unfazed by dust and shock resistant to 1.5m. Inside the brutish chassis lurks a sizeable, 4.1-inch CMOS sensor, capable of 1080p video at 30fps. Viewed on a TV using the HDMI output, video footage is very watchable, while the 5.3-meg stills are also more than passable. There's no internal storage here, but there is an SD slot. The three-inch touchscreen takes care of controls and there's even a free micro tripod. Affordable, effective and built to last. It's a winner. Look up

LOVE Decent stills and HD video. Reasonable price. Built to last

HATE Bulky

Price: Rs. 10,500




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