PEOPLE Michael Fischman’s book ‘Stumbling Into Infinity’ is his spiritual journey -that relates to all

Michael Fischman, author of Stumbling Into Infinity says, “I got a laptop and just started typing away,” and he makes writing a book sound as simple as that.

His book is an intimate and sometimes startling account of his spiritual journey. The son of a Holocaust survivor, Michael asked questions about the truth of life following a turbulent adolescence and sought out meditation in his early 20’s.

“I met Sri Sri (Ravishankar) in 1979, and in 1991 I came to Bangalore,” he gazes out of the large glass window of the coffee shop and at the teeming traffic. “Malls, coffee shops… Bangalore has changed so much. It’s a nice change, too much traffic though.” Michael is now a full time teacher of the Art of Living, conducts service projects, and teaches in prison, war veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and stress management in schools.

“Today life is so fast paced, there are emails, messages, phone calls, the idea of a nine-to-five work culture is obsolete, and Stumbling Into Infinity is about the mechanics to control your life. It’s a simple principle to help you take control for example the Sudarshankriya teaches you to utilise your breath and empowers you to have control over your mind and emotions,” Michael explains.

The book speaks to the average person and readers are able to relate to the difficulties and challenges of everyday life like ego, family, relationships and work. “It is really simple, casual and not highly intellectual I have made sure I kept that style so that it is easy to access.”