Fans eagerly await the eleventh big-screen avatar of popular sci-fi TV series, Star Trek

What started off in 1966 as a television series is now ready with its eleventh big screen avatar. Popular sci-fi TV series, “Star Trek” (listed by the Guinness Book of world records for having the maximum spin offs — five television series and 10 movies) is all set to capture the big screen again this weekend.

“Star Trek” has its dedicated band of followers and each decade has seen a fresh batch trekkies enchanted with the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

There is the special salute, the famous dialogues of “going where no man has gone before” and of course “Beam me up Scottie” which has become part of the collective conscience. There are those who are eagerly awaiting this latest trip by Enterprise. Jagath R., an 18-year-old says, “I’ve watched the ‘Star Trek’ TV series, my favourite being ‘Star Trek Voyager’. I don’t quite remember the other series. I want to watch the film because there is a difference between watching a series for so many years and watching a power-packed movie in an hour-and-a-half!”

Fifteen-year-old Dhanush, a fan of science fiction says, “I’ve loved the TV show a lot, which is why I’m waiting for the movie, expecting it to be full of suspense, adventure and fascinating technology.” His classmate Akash says, “I used to read a lot of ‘Star Trek’ comics so I’m looking forward to seeing my favourite characters come alive. ”

There are others, who are sci-fi fanatics but aren’t too enthusiastic about “Star Trek” in particular.

Anjali Rameshwar, an engineer feels, “These are the kind of shows that have an effect on us when they are not overdone. I remember watching the TV series with my brothers when we were much younger and all I can say is too much of something isn’t too good. Monotony sets in.” “It is not surprising how I cannot recall anything significant about the ‘Star Trek’ series. This is probably because there were other better sci-fi programs that I used to like. Moreover, if one is not a fan of this genre, it is not possible to be excited about a movie based on the same,” opines Nikhar Doshi, a student. His younger brother Sanket says: “My friends are going to watch the movie. So depending on the feedback I get from them and the reviews, I’ll decide whether or not the movie is worth a watch.”

So whether you are a Trekkie or if you want to watch a good movie, you have something to look forward to.