Lobster- 1

Onions chopped- 30 gm

Basil leaves- 20 gm

Lemon grass sliced- 30 gm

Red chilli paste- 30 gm

Bird’s eye chilli sliced- 20 gm

Sweet chilli sauce- 20 gm

Garlic chopped – 10 gm

Oyster sauce- 15 gm

Bell Pepper- 20 gm

Corn flour- 30 gm

Refined oil- 100 gm

Salt- 4 gm

Sugar- 4 gm

Coriander leaves, chopped – 10gm

Dry red chillies- 10 gm


Cut the lobster tail and extract the meat out. Cut it into dices and dust it with corn flour In a wok fry the lobster till it is crispy and strain it out. Sauté some chopped garlic, basil leaves, lemon grass, chopped onions, sliced bird's eye chilli and chopped coriander in a wok. Add chilli paste, oyster sauce and Thai sweet chilli sauce. Add bell peppers, dry red chilli and the crispy fried lobster. Toss the above to get mixed with the fried lobster. Add the seasoning and serve hot