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The ‘fusion freestyle' workout combines dance, aerobics and yoga, while keeping monotony at bay

Every morning almost everybody begins his or her day making plans and then spends the rest of the day executing them. Human life has moulded itself into a robotic pattern, where every routine is planned. Take, for example, the cycle of an adult working person – office, home and office again. And such a busy, restricted lifestyle generates frustration, stress, health problems and monotony. “Once a person achieves a good physical as well as mental condition, it will increase his self-esteem and will motivate him to break out from the dull vicious-circle. It will automatically create more energy to help face a stressful day of work, or just to enjoy an adventure with family and friends,” says Toni Giannini, the Brazilian instructor at Celebrity Fitness, Gurgaon.

“India loves to dance. And at present being fit is in. This inspired me to come up with the concept of ‘fusion freestyle'. It is a fusion of fitness exercises and dance along with some enactment over different music of various intensities. These have been seamlessly blended into creative movement sequences and highly athletic moves with mindful instruction for a dynamic and invigorating workout that emphasises on cardio benefits,” explains the trainer from Adidas Fitness Academy. The class progresses naturally, allowing for advancement, and is so designed that even a non-dancer may participate. “The fitness regime includes body pump for weight reduction, body attack and body combat, which are high intensity aerobics, and body balance which uses yoga. The dance routines includes Latin dances, salsa, jazz, pop, hip-hop, and Brazilian dance, which manifests complete mind and body functions. For the enactment I choose some music videos, especially those of Michael Jackson. Then, I teach participants steps like the moonwalk. The songs that I choose are different for different age groups. For people between 30 and 35 years, I pick low-intensity melodious songs of Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and some Latin songs. And for the young generation I indulge in a wide range of songs from very high to low-intensity,” he elaborates.

The fusion experimenter has numerous freestyle concepts in his kitty, like hard-rock combat dancing involving explosive fighting moves, hip-hop and tribal dancing. The Adidas Dance Workout has dynamic vivacities that help motivate gym-goers to continue their fitness regime, and not leave it in midway because of its boring, repetitive nature. “The whole experience with dim lights, music, dance, drama and fancy costumes, along with a personal trainer helping them to learn something new everyday with his innovative choreography, helps them get over their shyness and boost their confidence. It makes a common man feel like a celebrity. But the problem is people give up easily. I want everybody to start slow and with time build their stamina and exercise in a way that they really enjoy, and stick to their regime and not give-up. Fitness will help them break all walls of frustration, stress and depression and will encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle, because it is priceless,” advises Toni.





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