Bipasha Basu is in great shape but, if possible, she is going to get even shapelier. The actress reveals: “Now I have begun learning how to swim.” And hopefully, this will provide the actress with a good reason to sport another bikini a la Dhoom 2. Bipasha had always felt a tad awkward about her feet which were the target of many of her co-stars’ jokes; but now the same feet are making her happy. The actress laughs, “I was told by my swimming coach that I can be a great swimmer because my feet are like flippers.”

In Goa but not holidaying

The sultry model-turned-actress of Fashion, Mughda Godse, is extremely busy these days juggling her two films — Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail and All The Best. Mugdha is currently getting tanned whilst shooting in Goa for the Ajay Devgan production All The Best. She says: “Goa is one of my favourite holiday destinations so I am trying to mix work with pleasure. What is the point of going to Goa if you don’t do water sports? But there is hardly any time for water sports while at work.”

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