For those of you who are wishing that a site like Skillshare offers in-person classes here in India, you won’t have to look too far., a Delhi based start-up website offers exactly that. “After working for a couple of years, the excitement of having a job wears off and you want to do something apart from work, something a bit more satiating. This segment also has the disposable income to spend on something like this,” says co-founder Sambuddha. Having launched only last month, Skillhippo has been very well received with courses filling up really fast.

Understandably, most people who sign up for classes are in their Twenties or early Thirties. Who decides what classes make it onto the website? “We leave it up to the customers or students,” says Sambuddha. “We have a teacher and course rating system so the community takes active part in deciding what the good courses are.” Skillhippo has a wide range of classes under the banners art and design, music and dance, careers and training, sports and wellness, education, culinary and more. Apart from courses that last for a few weeks or months, there are one-time workshops in trekking, ultimate Frisbee, baking and others. Prices range from Rs.100 for a session of Ultimate Frisbee to Rs. 25,000 for a professional course in DJ-ing.

Skillhippo now offers courses that are in and around Delhi. What’s stopping them from expanding to other cities? “We do want to scale up to other cities but at the same time want to keep a track of what’s happening which means we’ll need people overseeing classes in every city.” If things go well Hyderabad can expect it’s own set of Skillhippo teachers and learners – a good reason to clear our social calendars and, as the their tagline goes, to ‘stop bumming around!’