1. Subash and Shree start their jazz-theater routine with push of their hands to the right and their left feet flexed

2. They stretch both their hands out on the sides and hold them straight. They lift their pointed right feet slightly with a sweep

3. Placing their legs apart and stand on their heels, with their elbows bent in a stylish stand

4. Subash and Shree now perform a sweeping drag across the floor towards their right with the right hand lifted straight up

5.Bringing their left leg inwards they now prop on their heels with their hands stretched upwards as they face the audience

6. The duo then slide their right leg back with their right hands stretching in front.

7. They then shift their weight backwards bringing their right leg closer and their left leg propped in front

8. They end their jazz-theater dance routine with their right leg in front as they snap their fingers

Demonstration by Swingers Dance Company