French loaf

Maida: One kg

Salt: 25gm

Bread improver and sugar: 20 gm each

Yeast: 15 gm

Water: 350 to 450ml

Oil: 20ml

Gluten: 20gm


Mix the yeast in luke warm water and keep aside. Put all other ingredients in the dough mixer except the water.

Next, add the yeast mixer and mix the dough by adding water little by little.

When the dough is ready, rest it and divide it into six equal portions and keep aside.

Shape it into French loaf and leave it to proof

When the oven reaches 220'C, put the steam first, then spray with water and put it for baking. When the color comes, reduce the oven to 180'c, and cook until the crust is crisp.


Lamb pepperoni

Lamb double mince: Half kg

Eggs: Two

Saffron: 0.5 gm

Pepper crushed : 10gm

Bell Pepper : Half

Salt: To Taste

Cream: 50 gm

Pistachio: 10gm


Take the lamb mince in a bowl. Add the egg, crushed pepper, bell pepper and all the remaining ingredients. Mix it well and roll in a silver foil.

Take the roll to poach. Now the lamb pepperoni is ready to serve. Arrange it on top of the French loaf.