Eight high-energy foods to keep you going all day, every day 

T he human body is an amazing machine. Put in the right amount of activity and eat energy giving foods… and you will truly start feeling fantastic. Fit in fitness into your daily planner. Following a sedentary lifestyle can cause a slump in your energy levels. Physical fitness, such as walking daily for a minimum of 30 minutes, is the strongest therapy in increasing energy levels. Unfortunately, when we become lazy about our fitness routine, we pay numerous costs for the degradation of our activity. This can result in weight gain, low energy levels, lethargy and other medical problems. The key to consistency in exercise is to find an activity that you will enjoy. Stay engaged in exercise at every age… this will not only help you banish fatigue, but also help you live and love life to the fullest!  You spend all day at the office or at home and are always caught up in a busy schedule. With a hectic schedule, your energy levels are bound to dip. So, here are some super foods guaranteed to recharge your batteries.