EATING OUT Savour the live action at the ongoing Kebab festival at Gokulam Park

T here is a different ‘mazza' in eating food that's cooked right in front of your eyes. Live cooking. But again this is different. It's not at a live cooking station but on your dinner table, right under your nose, flooding you in the delectable vapours of marinated, grilled and sizzling meats and veggies. That's the new, fresh and different experience at Nilgiris, the fusion restaurant, (in the new tower block) at Gokulam Park that will greet visitors at the ongoing Kebab food festival. The timings are from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

A welcome drink on arrival sets the tune to the evening where the guest is presented with a host of food choices. Two delectable choices for soup, followed by sizzling kebabs cooked and served right on the diner's table leads you further on to a sumptuous gastronomic journey. Move on after the live food entertainment to the buffet where two non- veg and two veg gravy dishes will once again present a choice. The feast reaches a finale with biryanis, veg and non-veg dishes, accompanied by salads, curd, pickles and pappadoms. Tossed and rustled up in front of the guest, as per their choice of ingredients, the salads again afford plenty of choices and ‘live action.' Individual bread baskets on the table offer a choice of garlic naan, roti, pudina paratha and appams too! For veggies there is a choice of paneer, kappa and subzi whereas for the meat eaters they can indulge in prawns, chicken, fish or poultry done in a variety of marinades. The mustard flavoured prawns are a world apart from the minty fish, to the creamy chicken tikkas. The beef cutlets and the kappa croquets are the rich fried versions. All these come with the green chutney and thick, tangy tamarind sauce. Away from the kebabs are the biriyanis, done in different styles on each day of the fest. The sweet finale is a choice from eight desserts to complete the spectacular food spread. Nilgiris rasmalai, mint mousse, dates flan, almond cake…

All the food happenings here come at Rs. 525 and it is the kebabs cooked, grilled, sizzled right in front of your eyes, on your table, that will catch one's fancy and your heart too. In comes the ‘kebab boat'.

Priyadershini S.