BOOK ‘Cracking Coconut' de-husks the beauty of the wonder nut

I n a lavishly illustrated and well-researched coffee-table book aptly titled ‘Cracking Coconut,' Dr. C. V. Ananda Bose, IAS, Chairman, Coconut Development Board, cracks the myths, history, wonders and secrets of this utility nut.

Divided into twelve chapters, the book traces the myths associated with the coconut tree and the nut; the legends, its uses in health and beauty care, its versatility, and non-traditional uses.

Interesting is the chapter devoted to Coconut Tell Tales. The author has compiled together some fascinating facts about the wonder tree. There is mention of the world's largest coconut orchestra in London, Madonna's obsession for coconut water, of how John F. Kennedy was saved by a coconut shell and many such facts.

Another riveting chapter is that called ‘Coconut Creations,' with which the book closes. Here the author focuses on the coconut's generosity as a cooking medium. Coconut oil is described as the world's healthiest dietary oil. There are also some mouth-watering recipes and notes on delectable coconut-based cuisine.

These chapters give the book a different flavour making it not just a list of bare facts supplemented with superb pictures. The printing at Pragathi Printers, Hyderabad enhances the quality of the product.The book stands out for its design, layout and printing. Done by Magnum Intergrafiks Pvt. Ltd. the design makes for easy reading, the pictures blending well with the brief but pithy text right through the 105 pages. The process of content development, designing, layout and printing was completed in a record 20 days. The book was released on September 2, 2010, as part of the World Coconut Day.

Priced at Rs. 2,000, ‘Cracking Coconut' is available at the office of the Coconut Development Board.