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DJ Jewel Kid hasn’t been called by his real name since he started making mixtapes when he was 14. Born Joseph Jake in Malta, DJ Jewel, 27, is in India as part of a tour organised by Musync, the DJ, who will also be performing in Mumbai and Delhi, talks about his music and his mission.  

Why Jewel Kid?

I come from a family that was in the jewellery-making business in Malta. Since I was a kid, people remembered me as that child from the jeweller’s family and when I started playing, the name just stayed.

How did you begin DJing?

I used to play the piano with the nuns at a church in Malta from when I was seven; that was how I first learnt music. My elder brother was a DJ then. I was the one who always wanted to do what he was doing. I got hooked to DJing when I was 14 and started playing in clubs. It wasn’t even legal and the club owners would get special parental guidance certificates from the police so that I could play there every night. It’s a good thing I don’t require them anymore.

Who is throwing the best party for you?

The U.S. has opened up big time to dance music. Hip-hop days are gone, and it’s time to celebrate with dance music. Ibiza and the U.K. have also been great for me. There is something special about every place that it’s really hard to judge the best. I have played in China, the U.S. France, the U.K., Australia, Spain, and in many other countries. And every single place has its own charm.

Tell us something about Malta. How is the clubbing scene there?

The clubbing scene there is big. It’s this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, where everyone knows everyone else. It’s one of these countries where the percentage of party-goers is really huge. To be honest, sometimes it’s too much. I have not played there for nearly seven months now.  But yes, I’ll be playing there at the Allianza Boat Party soon.  

Is there a special track that never lets you down?

I released a track just a month ago titled ‘Arc En Ciel’. I had been playing it to myself for six months. When it was released it hit the top 10. It’s special because it manages to get the whole club on its feet. Just like it did in India.

What was the funniest thing that has happened to you while DJing?

There is a video online of this festival at Sao Paolo. There were 22,000 people in for the party, and as I started playing, somebody just pulled out a cable and the music stopped. The whole crowd went silent. That has been labelled a funny moment in a video on YouTube, but it’s not that funny for me.

What advice would you give to budding DJs?

They should play more original tracks, and not care about what people say. Nothing can beat that.




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