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Chat Actress Jacqueline Fernandez maintains a balance whether it's films or fitness

In good shapeJacqueline Fernandesphoto: aFP
In good shapeJacqueline Fernandesphoto: aFP

She made many hearts go aquiver with her maiden venture Aladin with her svelte looks and gorgeous figure. Later, she went on to shed her girl-next-door image in Murder 2 wherein she donned a bold role making her presence felt. But actress Jacqueline Fernandez does not let success overwhelm her and says she is more than willing to experiment with different roles.

Like many Bollywood actresses of foreign origin, Jacqueline – a Sri Lankan who has grown up in Bahrain and Australia – too faced the problem of getting accustomed to Hindi language, but she brushes it off saying her coaches made it all easy for her. “I had to prove myself as I was new to this industry, but thankfully I have good coaches, so I am just pulling myself.”

It’s quite easy to get stereotyped in this industry, so when asked about the risks involved for an actor to break that image as it happened in her case after Murder 2 , she says, “Firstly, you have to be comfortable with what you are doing, secondly, you yourself have to make a conscious effort to pursue different roles. I was luckily offered Housefull 2 . It was kind of easy for me to do different roles.” So are there any special kind of roles that interest her? “Genre was never an issue, I’d rather do something I can do justice to than focusing on genre, however I would also like to experiment with different roles,” says Jacqueline who will be seen in a bold avatar in Race 2 this week. Replying to whether the actor has any say during the making of a film, she answers in affirmative. “If there are any issues with the script, we discuss it with the director/ producer beforehand and only act after the script has been okayed. Plus, if there is a rapport with the filmmaker, even better. Issues are less likely to arise then.”

When it comes to actors, another thing that becomes an inevitable part of their life is maintaining good health. However, as actors they also need to travel a lot that consequently affects their dietary regimen. So when enquired how she copes up with the situation, she says, “Though you might have to compromise a little bit here and there, it is always better to be prepared for such a situation. I always carry dry fruits and nuts to keep myself up and running,” she adds.

Talking about how she deals with cravings, she says that it’s best to enjoy everything but in a limit. “That’s a battle every actor has to go through. I believe that you should allow yourself to every indulgence, but at a minimum rate. I pretty much eat everything but if I know I can have just one, I won’t binge.” She stresses that an actor needs to be on his/ her toes all the time and thus its imperative to remain fit and fine. “An unfit actor does not exist. Filmdom asks us to be high on energy and thus we need to have a lot of stamina to survive the day. That can be done by working out regularly. I prefer doing yoga as it calms me and leaves me feeling fresh.”At last when asked about her mantra, she asserts to keep tension at bay. “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed, just don’t overdo it,” she signs off.


Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed...




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