We have heard of a number of food festivals invading the city, like the biryani fest, seafood wonders, mutton delights, tandoori food, etc. Now we have a unique “bataer (quail)” festival at the hep Jor Bagh market, where Purana Villa, the Indian fine dining restaurant is currently busy churning out quail delicacies famous in many pan Indian cuisines.

At the festival one can get to taste dishes from Kashmir, Lucknow, Punjab, Delhi, Mangalore and Hyderabad. The menu includes Kashmiri rogani bataer, tandoori bataer from Punjab, the Lucknavi delicacy dum ka bataer, tali bataer, inspired by the street foods of Delhi's Jama Masjid and of course Hyderabad's famous bataer biryani. Open till January 20 for both lunch and dinner, a meal for two is priced at Rs.1300 plus taxes.