Like seasoned painters, sculptors and graphic artists, the students showcased their works at the six-day exhibition cum sale

It is show time for the final-year BFA students at the Department of Fine Arts in Andhra University. Like seasoned painters, sculptors and graphic artists, the 16 students showcased their works at the six-day exhibition cum sale being held at the department from February 26.

The Head of the Department C. Ravi Shankar Patnaik says that the year end exhibition is not only the time for stock taking and summing up but also perhaps a platform to evaluate the commitment and potential of the students.

Innovating upon ideas and media of works, the students allowed the creative juices to flow at its will. Over 30 sculptures and 50 painting and graphic works have been kept on display.

While the sculptors have used different mediums like wood, fibreglass, iron and scrap material, the painters and the graphic artists have used mediums like acrylic, oil, dry pastel, mixed medium, nib, woodcut, dry point and etching.

Describing his theme, Abhishek says that his subject was freedom and he aptly depicted them in his fibreglass models that illustrated a man flying with the birds and a woman trying to become part of the nature. Jai Mohan Misha experimented with more contemporary themes in her fibreglass and woodwork. She projected the shoe-throwing incident on the former US President George Bush and the character of bottled specimens in labs. Govind used scarp material to depict the efficacy of the joint family concept and Santosh projected the life of a beggar woman through his fibreglass models. Srilatha showcased her prowess as graphic artist by displaying over six works on nib, etching and woodcut.

Inaugurating the exhibition, the Vice-Chancellor of AU B. Satyanarayana promised to tie-up with government institutions for utilising the services of the artists.

The students who participated were Abhishek, Anand, Anil Kumar, Anuhya, Misha, Chakravarthy, Govind, Pavan Kumar, Mahesh, Imran, Rajesh, Sekhar, Santosh, Srilatha, Naidu and Srinu.