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PAINSTAKING PORTRAYAL Akshay Kapoor plays an unconventional role in "Alag"
PAINSTAKING PORTRAYAL Akshay Kapoor plays an unconventional role in "Alag"

Akshay Kapoor plays a man with supernatural powers in "Alag"

Imagine a boy walking up the street. Bald, with no eyebrows, no eyelashes. At best, you might think it a strange new fashion, at worst, the result of an illness. But here, the story is completely `alag' and hence the name of the film directed by Ashu Trikha, ready to hit the screen this summer. Alag is the heart-rending story of a boy who finds little acceptance in the society because he is not like everyone else. The film poses a strong question to a society that mistreats people if they are different. Starring Diya Mirza and Akshay Kapoor, the plot centres around a super human being who comes out of his hideout after 18 years of isolation. "The film is not about supernatural beings or ghosts, it is a about a human having greater powers, who can create a magnetic field in front of him, bend metals but is extremely sensitive," explains Trikha.

Unconventional look

Doe-eyed Akshay Kapoor, a citizen of the U.S., who speaks in an American accent, plays this different man called Tejas Rastogi in the film. He relates, "Here I can relate to the character, Tejas Rastogi, as we both want acceptance from people, me as a newcomer and he as someone who is so unlike others." Akshay shaved off his hair and eyebrows for the role. Though scared initially, he soon got into the skin of the character completely. As an experiment, he went out on the streets as Tejas to encounter people's reaction. "It was weird. Some people were amazed, some amused, some felt disgusted, and some got scared seeing me like this. But some of them did come to me to lend a helping hand too. It was exhilarating." That is when he came face-to-face with the pain of being different. While researching for the movie and his unconventional character, Akshay went through books dealing with isolation. He locked himself up in his flat for a week to feel the angst, helplessness and the desire to see the world again.A different film like Alag often finds it difficult to do well at the box office. "But the story is so appealing, it is not just a film with special effects, it has a sensitive story of relationships too," says the director. "As for the zeroing-in on the actors, Akshay fitted the bill and was ready to go that extra mile for the look. Diya was the natural choice as she is exactly the same person as shown in the film: endearing, balanced, beautiful and compassionate." Produced by Subi Samuel, Alag is scheduled for release in mid-June.




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