It's all about your jeans

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COMFORT FIT Formal or casual, just hanging out or attending that la di dah soiree, a pair of jeans is what makes the cut
COMFORT FIT Formal or casual, just hanging out or attending that la di dah soiree, a pair of jeans is what makes the cut

Levi Strauss's jeans has morphed from everyday wear to the last word in haute couture

In February1829, Levi Strauss was born and then when he was 24 in 1853, he created a fashion accessory that started off as hardy trousers for miners but now is worn by everyone from rock stars to superstars, from millionaires to teeny boppers, from the fashionista to the slob. We are talking about The Blues revolution. The inescapable forces of the market started its grind and jean makers around the world evolved to into posh designers.Purchasing a pair of jeans is a crucial decision, from the variety of hues, by design, studded and then one has to examine grommets and pocket details. Inseam shrinkage is debated upon for too long a time. It's a quest for all denim lovers for jeans that package their assets to greatest advantage. "Well-fitted denims look great on girls," BBM student Rakesh Samtani is quick to point out when asked what he likes best about jeans. "Besides making a sexy-cool-casual statement, I can wear them as many times a week and it doesn't burn a hole in my wallet," he adds.Rakesh still sports a pair of jeans he invested in five years ago specifically for clubbing. Only now the ripped and faded pair keep him most comfortable when he's chilling with friends.

All time favourite

Shabari Rai, homemaker loves denim. "Levis have been my favourite since my college days and they fit me the best. They always look in vogue and are pretty timeless these days! Denims are an integral part of my wardrobe and they go perfectly with my M & S dress-tops and Lucknowi kurtis during the day and I sometimes wear them for a cocktail evening with a Wendell Rodericks top. Denim is popular because of the comfort factor and its versatility - be it formal or informal style. The best thing about jeans is they are truly all-weather outfits. For winter, you could go in for thicker, darker variants while for summer,"You could pick up short, denim scooter pants and knee buffs," says Noorain Ahmed a student of architecture. "Then there are always denim skirts. Teamed with cotton t-shirts and strappy tops, nothing looks more trendy!" Artist and sculptor, Balan Nambiar who has been wearing jeans for almost four decades now feels while denims would be tough to wear in the searing heat, "I'm most comfortable in a pair of jeans, especially when travelling!"Indigo belted jeans, faded and dirty black denim, skinny jeans and aged blue jeans are the latest up-to-the-minutes. The screaming colours (reds, greens and yellows) are super passé. And if you want to do your bit to save the planet, you could do it by washing your jeans as rarely as possible. And that is the way to go as any hard-wearing jeans person will tell you! ASHEEMA NAGHNOOR




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