Software professionals and BPO employees are always in the news – if it’s the rape and murder of BPO employee Pratibha in 2005 or the recent murder of Rinku Sachdeva, a banker, by her husband, Amit Budhiraja, a software engineer who then committed suicide. People have expounded the fact it is because of the fast-paced lifestyles IT professionals lead. Fast-paced in the sense of a lack of strong family support and friend network, which push these highly-stressed, lonely and frustrated youngsters to taking desperate steps. There is, however, a school of thought that feels the murder and suicide were not committed in a fit of anger and depression, but that it was well-planned and thought out, as there was a detailed suicide note left behind. Software professionals and MNC employees have always come under the scanner for a supposed lack of ethics.

While some people say that it is unfair that software professionals have been severely scrutinised in extreme cases, others feel that it is a general trend of the changing times where marriages and relationships break up before they even began.

There are others who feel this is just a stray incident and speculation should not blow things out of proportion.

Yes, I do think that the murder and suicide is a sign of the times. In situations where things get desperate and out of hand, people do resort to drastic measures. Many people in the city are from other places, and there is a lack of a strong support system.


This is definitely a one-off incident that has been over-hyped. It is because of the level of competition in our fast-paced lives that strong personal relationships are lacking. But we should not resort to murder and suicide. We are putting others in a position of danger.


We need to be careful in how we deal with our relationships. There was an obvious lack of maturity in that extreme case. But the incident has definitely been over-hyped by the media. Just because they are from the IT sector, there is sensationalism.


He should have trusted his wife instead of jumping into conclusions. Broken relationships have now become a trend in many cities nowadays and strong, long-lasting marriages are rare to find.

But, nobody takes such drastic steps.

MaheshValue executive