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LIVING Made the most of October?

SPREAD OUT THE PICNIC MAT If you haven't already Photo: shiv kumar pushpakar
SPREAD OUT THE PICNIC MAT If you haven't already Photo: shiv kumar pushpakar

T he Internet was agog with the fact that this October has five Fridays, and five Saturdays and Sundays, all in one month. Apparently there is a simple explanation to this – for a 31 day month to have this, the first day should be a Friday. So every passing year will ‘push' the day forward by one day. Each non-leap year has 365 days, which is 52 weeks plus one day. If it's a leap year it will be pushed forward by two days. Since any six year cycle will contain at least one leap year, this means the same October calendar we are experiencing will come up again in six years unless there are two leap years that come in between.

So the information on social networking sites that it will occur only once in 823 years is complete hype; 1971 and 2004 have had the same October and 2032 will also have the same.

Whatever the logic, extra weekends meant extra joy for most Bangaloreans. Most felt that quick getaways would be high on the agenda. Extra weekends meant extra holidays and so extra time to do the things they enjoyed doing most.

Says Sheetal Vyas a magazine editor: “That's a freaky frenzy of fives. So we'll have to be reborn at least a dozen times (taking the average lifespan as 70 years) to witness something like this again! If you notice the last two digits also add up to five. Isn't it strange that it's the last three days of the week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) which fall in this category. Those who have a five-day week schedule would have surely enjoyed the big treat, while those who are off only on Sunday should be thankful for this unusual calendar arrangement! ”

Ashu Lobo Desai a student of fashion and theatre design says, “It's an opportunity of 10 lifetimes — three extra days to love. Three extra days to live. Three extra days to give thanks. And an extra weekend to do all those wonderful things weekends are for.” Ashu spent the weekends with family and friends and cut back on the frenzy of weekday running around.

Rameela Menezes, from the Bangalore Veterinary College feels, “October is a memorable month to spend quality time with the family especially for working people who look forward to weekends to make short trips to nearby resorts. ”

So to look at this phenomenon logically- a year can only start on one of seven days, so there can be only seven basic calendar years. Add the leap years and one can have fourteen basic calendar years. So 2010 has the same calendar year as 1999.





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