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HOME SWEET HOME When it is free of dust and dirt
HOME SWEET HOME When it is free of dust and dirt

Your home may appear spotlessly clean but it is often the source of allergies and infections

Allergies and infections are rampant today. Pollution, dust, changes in weather patterns and pollen trigger allergic reactions in many. But strange as it may sound our homes too are the source of many allergies and infections. Our houses may appear spotlessly clean. But allergens lurk in many unexpected areas.

Dust is one of the main causes of allergies. You may be the best housekeeper, dusting and mopping your house daily. But most dust cloths or feather dusters, it has been found, just stir the dust around and release and distribute the particles into the air, instead of trapping them. Wiping with a wet cloth or spraying a cleansing solution before wiping gets rid of dirt effectively.

Spreading infection

Similarly swabbing the floor everyday with soap water will not ensure a clean floor unless the mop or swab cloth is washed often. If not, you are just spreading the dirt in different directions. Floors thus can be a source of infection and this is particularly dangerous when there are toddlers around the house. Our mattresses are another breeding ground for dust mites. They feed on our dead skin cells that fall on the mattresses. This causes skin eruptions. A mattress can contain countless mites that are invisible to the naked eye. To reduce the mites, bed linen should be washed regularly in hot water. Remember, we spend a third of our lives in bed. The mattresses and pillows too should be aired and spring-cleaned often for relief.

Another storehouse for bacteria that causes skin infections and other illnesses, believe it or not is your computer keyboard. Many micro organisms like E coli lodge themselves between the keys. A recent study in London led to the startling revelation that our computer keyboard can be as infectious as a toilet seat or toilet door handle. This results from unhygienic habits like not washing your hands properly with soap after using the toilet. Besides food crumbs that fall between the keys causes bacteria to multiply.

A computer equipped with the latest anti-virus installation may be safe from virus attack, but not the user, unless the keyboards are cleaned often. Besides, he or she must also be conscious of hygiene. TV remotes and cell phones too accumulate a lot of dust, moisture and germs leading to the growth of bacteria.

Cleaning them often with cotton wool dipped in soap and antiseptic solution is crucial. You may not be able to make your home 100 per cent germ free and sterile.





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