Interested in scuba diving and spending the rest of the day in your private room on the ferry? Take a look at Live-aboard Infiniti

Karina Tourism & Adventures have recently launched, what they claim is, India’s first live-aboard vessel (Infiniti) at the Andamans. These type of vessels are used by scuba divers to explore the underwater world. Infiniti is a luxurious live-aboard that measures around 130 ft. The number of guests sailing on board at any one point of time will be limited, so as to keep the experience special and intimate. All the rooms are air-conditioned and furnished with twin beds, storage facilities and a bathroom. There are two rooms on the upper deck, four rooms on the main deck and two guest rooms on the lower deck.

Andaman Islands have a unique volcanic diving at Barren (an active volcano) and Narcondam (an extinct volcano), plus there is Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park, and other attractions such as caves, canyons, cliffs, walls, wrecks and more.

There is a variety of marine life found here which includes animals such as the dugong (sea-cow), manta rays and turtles. For details, log onto: