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EXPERIENCE Walk away feeling good
EXPERIENCE Walk away feeling good

State-of-the-art salons are here to spruce you up from head to toe, says A.SHRIKUMAR

`Looking good' would stereotypically mean getting into trendy clothes to many, but beauty is simply not superficial. A hot skin to woo and a cool hair to sport is very much akin to your chic outfits and can add more modish tints. You may wonder where to get these in our very own Temple City. But the good news is that there is no need to look further now. For, state-of- the-art salons providing latest grooming services from a simple hair cut to the most exotic massages and facials, have hit the town.

With the city's hustle-bustle, astressful day would count for an agingskin and a dusty road travel on yoursheen less hair and turning to naturewould help restore your beauty backin its diligence. This is what most salonstake up as their forte.

"Our services are solely naturebased using organic techniques likefruit juices for pedicures and manicures.

Rejuvenating and energizingcells in the body brings glow on theoutside, as rightly said `beauty is skindeep'" declares Mr. Sandeep, a seniorhair stylist from Delhi, at the Greentrends family salon, at Anna Nagar.With an array of beauty treatmentsand massages, it is surely tempting toindulge your senses in a relaxing delight.Involving the sheer richness offlowers and fruits in their true delicacy,the exclusive therapeutic massagesmight prove similar to thegrandma's homemade remedies butwith a tinge of luxury and style! "Dueto constant stress on the body, themuscles get knotted and when youlend a massage in specific techniques,it feels relaxing. At our outlet, the hairtreatments and skin care offered notonly enhances style but also the healthof the skin." vouches, Ms. Kala Roy,senior trainer from Chennai at the`Naturals' family salon and spa at K.K.Nagar.

Winters are usually hard on the skinand the cells get dehydrated. A mellowingsession at such salons mighthelp to regain the lost lustre and nourishthe tired body. `Naturals' usesbrands like `Schwarzkopf' and `Loreal'whereas `Green trends' uses `Loreal'and some in-house brands too.

Comforting ambience

Once inside the space, the well-litambience and the cordial staff memberspamper the customers to comfortat its zenith. The needs and problemsof the client are attended by separatestylists and private chambers areavailable too to lend personal space."We only specify the best options forour client's need and don't try imposingextra services. Some come alongwith their spouse and like taking suggestionsfrom them while being treated,so we have separate lounges formen and women," adds Kala.One might wonder if such extravaganzais really a cup of tea for conservativeMaduraiites, but the marketfeedback by the salons proves youwrong. "Green trends' has been herefrom July and since then, we have gotan overwhelming response from thepeople. They are very much open forsuch modern grooming facilities, as itis also for basic hygiene apart from thetrendy side of it." asserts, Mr. Vijay-Kumar, store manager. If the urge tobe in vogue is a common human want,the rate list might hinder the typicalMadurai modesty. Yet again, the customerinflow to the salons is clear indicationof the changing face of thecity. "Our price tag starts from Rs.150for ladies haircut to Rs.6250 for exoticbridal makeup, and the city is pickingup fast and is willing to spend," hesays.

Similar is the experience of just amonth old `Naturals' spa. Claimingimmense response to bridal packagesapart from the major hype during NewYear, they point out to the surprisingdemand for party makeovers this season.

The acceptance among the crowdis increasing steadily with even themiddle-aged making a beeline for thisexotic beauty services while theyoungsters, between 19 to 30 yearsconstituting a major chunk. The ratesat Naturals' range from Rs.100 for agents haircut to bridal packages Rs.3500 onwards and it seems people areup-to-date with trends and ready toshell out for a stylish makeover or ahygienic spruce up. "I usually seeksuch decent places for my kid, but Iwouldn't mind coming for myself too.

This is the first experience of such aplace in Madurai. Body grooming isnecessary for basic hygiene even if oneis not very style-conscious," says, Ms.Nagavalli, a government doctor."The male clients are mostly collegegoers and young age professionals andwomen clients are mostly middle agedwomen looking for major makeovers.Girls in their 20s and moms in 30s lineup for regular pedicures and facials"shares, Mr. Ompali Singh, a stylistfrom Delhi, at Green trends, who hasbeen in the city for six months now.The salons make it a point to provideboth male and female stylists for attendingmen and women customersrespectively; if at all clients are particularabout it.

Exotic extravaganza

So if you really want to indulge inthe panache of true luxury, let pineapplejuice trickle down your toeslending ample vitamin-C, soakingyour cells in its fruity flavour. Undergothis Pinacolada Pedicure for 300bucks to let a soft pair of new nourishedfeet emerge or try out the `Babycorn eye treatment' for toning downthe dark circles, applying freshlygrinded baby corn to reveal the realsparkle in your eyes, at a cost of Rs.175.

Feel the tenderness in you, by involvingin `Chocolate spa' pedicurecum manicure that controls aging andmoisturizes your hands and feet forRs. 300. Allow yourself in Rejuvenationmassage to enhance blood circulationor a stress free scrub massage toget rid of dead cells and toxins. If youare on the lookout for some face value,then the exotic facials involving `skinmiracle' would oxygenate the cells andrestore your original brilliance forRs.2100. All these greet you at `Greentrends'. Delve deep into the `Simplystraight' exclusive straightening foryour hair for Rs. 2900 or let yourselfloose in exclusive spa French manicuresand chocolate pedicures thatremoves dryness and blows life intoyour cells. Stress-freeing cocoa buttermassage and Swedish massage areamong the other services are on 20 percent discount offer at `Naturals' to lend lan to your mind and body. Feelfree to soak yourself in sheer luxurythat styles and soothes you!

Feel the flamboyance

Neatly filed nails, a hip-hop hairdoand a maiden makeup matched withthe bests of your closet is sure to forma hot haute combo and you can emergein a new avatar! The city finally seemsto shedding its conservative tag, gettinga facelift and setting steps on to afashionable future.

With these few already roaring,more happening spots are sure to dotMadurai's landscape in the near future.




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