If you are running from pillar to post looking for that perfect gift, look no further than Uru which attempts to mirror the typical, kitsch, charming and powerful symbols of the Indian subcontinent in the cuisine, the rangoli patterns Indian truck art and more through souvenirs which encapsulates a little bit of a quaint India.

The motifs represent people experience life to the fullest with a glorious interplay with nature. India is a land of high art as well as glorious kitsch where the piping hot masala dosa or a golden crisp samosa is a sensory treat. Then there is the rangoli designs that adorn every house. A morning ritual, the rangoli designs tell their fascinating stories. And how about the wildly inventive graffiti adorning the back of trucks?

The motifs truly represent a motherland whose people experience life to the fullest and interplay with nature gloriously. Travellers, expatriates and lovers of India can enjoy these pieces that make a statement of vibrancy – masala dosa key chains, lemon and chilly car mobiles, god and goddesses, hand made paper stationery, film stars on tees, rangoli patterned table war etc. For more information, log on to www.uruindia.com.