EVENT Calling photographers to showcase our country

Google+ and the Ministry of Tourism (India) present a photography competition.

Professionals, prosumers and amateur photographers from around the world are invited to share their view of India in this six-week contest.

To participate, log into Google +, and on your ‘Home’ stream, click on the ‘Photos’ icon to upload the picture you shot, and add #IncredibleIndia and share it with everyone.

The best pictures shared from around the world will be nominated and shared on a special landing page on www.google.com.

The Ministry will select three international photographers and will invite them for a visit to India.

These guests will get a week’s holiday (including travel and lodging expenses) to capture the destination of their choice for Incredible India. Similar trips for select Indian photographers will also be organised each week.

For details, visit the Incredible India page on Google+.


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