Travel If you’re a travel and history buff, this is for you

Imagine wanting to travel to all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India within a calendar year. That’s what travel enthusiast and marathon runner Ajay Reddy hoped to do early 2012 and launched Go-UNESCO.

To make it more fun, he shared his idea with friends and soon there were nearly 50 participants for the challenge. In the first year, more than 65 per cent of the participants managed to travel to a few destinations and architect Jai Bharati travelled to all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.

Enthused by the response, Ajay plans to make Go-UNESCO an annual challenge.

The rules of Go-UNESCO are simple. A participant has to visit as many sites as possible within a calendar year. “The heritage ticket issued at these sites and a photograph of the participant along with that day’s newspaper and ticket would act as proof of visits,” explains Ajay. To add to the excitement, he built a game around the travel. “I allotted points for each site, based on the popularity of the site and accessibility,” says Ajay. “A candidate who wins the maximum points out of 1,000 is the winner,” adds Ajay. (To participate, visit