CHAT Actor-turned-screenwriter-turned author Rajiv G. Menon tells HARSHINI VAKKALANKA how he set out to write a film and ended up writing a book instead

In this day and age of myths, when readers compare notes on the different versions of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, Bangalore-based actor turned screen writer, and now author, Rajiv G. Menon has chosen to write about a relatively untouched subject in Indian mythology: the origins of the devas, led by Indra and rakshasas.

“I wanted to write a book on Indian mythology. I was wondering where to start because our mythology is so voluminous. But Indra, as a character, fascinated me because in spite of being a god, it is his weaknesses that are highlighted. I am an avid reader and the kind of characters I like are those who are slightly tormented, with doomed destines, like Dante,” says Rajiv, who is set to launch his debut novel Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra in Bangalore today.

Though he graduated a mechanical engineer, Rajiv began acting in 1996, debuting in the bi-lingual film Devaraagam . He continued to act through the decade, appearing in films such as Aahaa (Tamil), The King And The Commisioner (Malayalam) and Bas Yun Hi (Hindi).

“When I started, it was exciting. I worked with some really good directors who introduced me to different facets of filmmaking. But after a while I found it restricting because I reached a stage where I was not getting the kind of films I wanted to do,” he recalls. “I didn’t want to do it after a point. And then I began writing in my free time.”

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