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ENIGMATIC Zane was able to assist authorities in the Glasgow case
ENIGMATIC Zane was able to assist authorities in the Glasgow case

Zane Cuxton who studied arts at university in England began reading faces, an interest that goes back to his childhood

Face reading is an art that is not understood properly. It has acquired bad press due to the touts and fake sadhus. It is a science that requires a great deal of research and understanding,” says Zane Cuxton, a face reading professional, who claims to have read countless faces over the last 20 years.

He says that face reading is just an interest. “I do not read faces for a living. I give lectures and impart training to young professionals on sales and marketing techniques.”

When did he start reading faces? “Right from childhood, I use to observe and study people’s mannerisms and body language. Face reading developed as a side interest.”

Zane studied arts at a university in Britain and also completed a diploma in Sales management. He adds: “I started by attempting to read my friends faces. When most of my predictions came true, I decided to read faces. Spreading the knowledge will lead to more acceptance about the art of face reading. I impart training in face reading and body language at a special skills institute that I set up a year ago.”

Zane says that face reading requires a great deal of concentration and observation skills. “It is not as simple as it sounds, you are required to study and analyse the entire face. You may not know it, but even a single scar or pore might change your life in both positive and negative ways.”

Of the prominent personalities whose faces he has read, The Mysore Maharaja was apprehensive. “I had no clue he was the Mysore maharaja. When I initially told him that he will be connected with sports, he was dismissive of the prediction. A couple of months later, he was elected president of the Karnataka cricket association.”

He says that he also assisted authorities in the Glasgow bombing case. “Using a sketch of Kafeel Ahmed, I was able to bring out his personality traits. It turned to be very similar to his actual personality.” He feels that the entire mystery that surrounds the art must be removed. “The need of the hour is that face reading must be taught and popularised. It helps in getting a fresh perspective,” concludes Zane.

The Academy for Skill and Knowledge, an academy founded by Zane is mobilising funds by holding a face reading workshop. The amount collected will be donated to flood relief. The workshop will be held on October 19 from 9 a.m. at i145 hotel on Infantry road.

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