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SIGHTING SUCCESS Sneha sits pretty
SIGHTING SUCCESS Sneha sits pretty

Sneha has made her presence felt as a consummate actress and is here to stay, writes M.L. NARASIMHAM

She is one of those actors who bloom into life in front of the camera. She was both empathetic and inspirational in Radhagopalam, Sri Ramadasu, and in the Tamil offbeat hit Autograph, where she appeared sans makeup and took the character to new heights with her subtle smile and right emotions. Sneha is set to repeat the feat as Gowri in Manasu Palike Mounaragam (Yen Intha Mounam in Tamil)."I must thank K. Raghavendra Rao for taking my career to new heights with the role of Kamala in Sri Ramadasu. The film was a turning point in my career. Likewise, I heard that Bapu returned to films after eight years. I was glad he chose me for Radhagopalam. The role is close to my heart," says Sneha. She applauds the method in which the veteran director conceived the film. She recalls, "I was surprised to see the storyboard in which Bapu had sketched each actor's expressions, camera angles and other details. It was so easy to look at the storyboard and perform. He is still young at heart. The romantic scenes he conceived for the film stand testimony to that. The scenes were sensual and aesthetic. I learnt a lot about acting naturally. I am blessed to have worked with such directors." Is she hoping to find a place in KRR's next mythological, Ranga Pandurangadu? "If I get an offer I shall organise my dates accordingly. You know, in Sri Ramadasu there is a tragic scene in which I have to cope up with my son's death. The director was almost in tears after the shot. His appreciation of my performance is the best compliment I've received," she says, flashing her radiant smile.Here is an actor who has deep respect for her work. Sneha started her career in Malayalam (Ingene Oru Neela Pakshi), Tamil (Virumbugiren) and Telugu (Toli Valapu) almost at the same time. In these five years she has done only nine films in Telugu. "I have done 36 films in all the South Indian languages. I'm getting good offers from Telugu now. I wonder why I didn't get them earlier," she smiles. "I have a bubbly and beautiful character in Balakrishna's new film directed by P. Vasu," she adds. She has also signed a D. Ramanaidu film directed by Chandra Siddardha. The conversation is taking place in Perunagar, a village near Kancheepuram where is shooting for Devkumar Reddy's Manasu Palike... directed by debutant Nagabhushan. "I have worked with many new directors. It's nice to work with people who have positive energy. Nagabhushan talks nothing else but cinema. He might have narrated the story and my character a hundred times so far. The story made me sign the film. Gowri is an earthy person that it's easy to identify with her. This character will be remembered. Throughout the film the director wanted me to show a particular subtle smile to set the mood. I believe in selfless love and the character reflects that." The excitement is visible in her tone. In the recent past she faced a traumatic situation. Does the film refer to that? "There's nothing personal in the story," she retorts. "I do believe in Gowri's thoughts and hence relate to the character. Life has become so mechanical that nobody has the time to express their love to their parents. People change as time flies by and in accordance with where they are, what they do and the people they meet. But I've managed to remain myself."She exudes more confidence now than when she debuted a few years ago. Does she remember Suhasini? Taken aback but recouping quickly, she says, "That's my real name. Sometimes I miss her. She is innocent and quiet. But Sneha is different: strong willed and gritty. These five years have transformed her. In the film industry, you need that kind of mental strength."




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